Maze Application Library

The Maze Application Library provides access to a selection of mini projects and customisations commonly requested by schools. These customisations are packaged as “Maze updates” and are remotely installed by our team of Maze Solutions Consultants.

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MAL001 3Y0 Program Management MAL002 Easy Parent & Student Contact via SMS/Email MAL003 Student & Family Notes and Attachments MAL004 Improved Enrolment Details Transfer MAL005 Maze Health Check MAL006 Family Credit Card Surcharge MAL007 GL Batch Reversals MAL008 eMaze Online Enquiries MAL009 AM/PM Attendance MAL010 Import Staff Photos MAL011 MarkBook - Copying Assessment Results MAL012 Student Co-Curricular Management MAL013 Maze System Audit MAL014 Automatic Creditor Invoice Import MAL015 Creditor BPAY payments MAL016 Maze Active Directory Account Generation MAL018 BPOINT MAL019 Uniform Shop Barcode Scanning Functionality MAL020 Family Instalments MAL021 Westpac PayWay Integration MAL022 Import GL Journals MAL023 PaySmart Interface
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