Microsoft Office Integration

Do you export Maze financial data to Microsoft Excel for analysis or reporting? Do you export contact data from Maze and import into Word mail merge documents? If so, our Maze Microsoft Office Integration service has been specifically designed for you.

Maze Microsoft Office Integration service allows you to access live Maze data directly from Microsoft Office applications. Your workflow is streamlined by eliminating exporting and importing steps.

Importantly, because the data is live, you can be sure that it is always up to date.

By linking Maze to Excel you can dynamically retrieve financial information and present with graphs, charts or pivot tables.

With Microsoft Word you can create enrolment, account or permission letters and mail merge contact details straight from Maze.

Our Solutions Consultants will discuss your requirements with you and determine what database views need to be set up within your Maze database to enable you to dynamically retrieve data for use in the Microsoft Office suite. Live Maze data can then be used to populate existing Word or Excel templates or we can provide assistance with setting up mail merge documents or Excel templates if required.

To bring Maze and Microsoft Office together contact or call us.

Pre-requisites: Microsoft Office 2007 or later, Maze 9

Watch the short video below to see a demonstration of the most popular capabilities of Maze Microsoft Office Integration: