Historical Database Upgrade

Does your school access previous years’ Maze and Payroll databases for historical purposes through older versions of Maze? Are you maintaining old versions of Maze and SQL to enable this? If so, our Maze Historical Database Upgrade Service could be a smart alternative.

Our Maze Historical Database Upgrade Service has been developed to help your school reduce maintenance overheads by providing you with easy access to historical data in Maze 9. It allows you to view previous years’ data in Maze 9 – eliminating the need to maintain old versions of Maze and SQL.

The service includes upgrading your historical databases so they can be accessed using Maze 9 and all future versions of Maze (financial processing will be disabled as databases are being accessed for historical purposes only).

To reduce your maintenance overheads and access your historical data in Maze 9, please contact educationsales@civica.com.au or call us.

Please note that you need to have Maze 9 installed to take advantage of this service. This service applies to Maze databases used for historical purposes only which operate on versions Maze VS3a, Maze VS1b, Maze VS2a, SP1 and SP2.