Database Administration

This course has been designed to give Maze users an understanding of:
Maze Database Architecture

  • File locations – database files, schema, formats
  • CAZ Database Manager
  • Backing up and Restoring databases
  • Database Maintenance Plans
  • Verifying schema and formats
  • Database Properties

Managing User Groups and Individual Permissions

  • Create users
  • Use groups to apply security and permissions
  • Understand how roles are applied in the Maze Schema
  • Understand how applying roles to users and groups will affect the end user
  • Use the Password program to manage users
  • Edit user permissions
  • Reset user passwords
  • Suspend and remove users

Maintaining the Menu Structure

  • Storing formats
  • Add to and modify various areas of the menu
  • Import, export and merge menu files
  • Apply security to the menu levels
  • Create menu reports