Data Retrieval – Report Designer

This course has been designed to give participants an understanding of how to extract data from Maze by creating their own reports using the Maze Report Designer. We will provide information on how the report designer works and the logical steps required in designing a report.

On completion the participant will:

  • Understand the difference between the different areas of a report
  • Be able to place and move items in a report
  • Use the SQL Designer to write SQL statements to retrieve data from the database
  • Make basic changes to existing reports and create new reports
  • Create new reports from a Quicklist report
  • Order records, calculate totals and start a new page

The content of this course assumes the participant has a good working knowledge of using Windows; Windows-based products (for example, Word, Excel, Maze) and has a basic understanding of SQL (Structured Query Language).

Prerequisite: Prior to this taking this course, the participant must have previously attended Data Retrieval – Worksheet and Quicklists.