How do I share a LaunchPad?

First create the Launchpad you want to share then click on the down arrow next to the ‘+’ and select “Share”.

Share a LaunchPad

Complete the description of the Launchpad and click Next.

Share a LaunchPad - Description

Select one or more groups to share with and click Next.

Share a LaunchPad - Choose Groups

Then click Share.

Share a LaunchPad - Confirm

An icon will appear next to the LaunchPad to remind you this is shared with other people.

Share a LaunchPad - Icon

As the owner of this shared LaunchPad you are the only person who can make changes to it. If you do make changes by adding or deleting tiles you will be prompted to publish the update, otherwise users will not see the changes you have made.

Share a LaunchPad - Update

You can add or delete users from the shared LaunchPad or stop sharing altogether by using the Edit Sharing option from the dropdown menu next to the ‘+’ icon.