How do I create a custom icon for a tile?

When you create your own tile for your Launchpad you have the option of adding a custom image.

LaunchPad edit icon image

Select edit image. You can use any of the ready prepared icons and colours or you can create your own custom image.

LaunchPad Custom Tile Image

The best size for the image is 90 x 90 pixels so that it doesn’t distort when it is uploaded.

Use an on-line image editor such as Pixlr (available in the Tile Picker) to re-size and/or crop the image. Save it in a suitable location.

Click on ‘Select image’ and browse to the image on your device storage.

Custom Icon Preview

A preview of the tile will be shown. Click on ‘Finish’ and continue entering the name of your tile and the web address in the input fields. Click the ‘Add to LaunchPad’ button and your tile will appear on your LaunchPad.