Data Retrieval – SQL: Making Your Data Work For You

This course has been designed to give Maze users an understanding of how to get more out of their database. To do this you require a good understanding of how the information is stored and how best to retrieve that information using the SQL (Structured Query Language).

On completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Use Query Builder to generate SQL statements
  • Minimize search results in SQL
  • Group and organise search results in SQL
  • Total, subtotal, count records and values in SQL
  • Manipulate data results using functions like: aggregate functions, date and time functions;
  • Use mathematical functions and Case statements

The content of this course assumes that the participant has an advanced knowledge of using Maze and a basic understanding of SQL.

Prerequisite: Prior to this taking this course, the participant must have previously attended Data Retrieval – Worksheet and Quicklists