We value your feedback – Civica iWise Development


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Civica iWise Development focus group, held at The Holiday Inn Mascot last month. 

Below this feedback form is a list of what the participants of our breakout session indicated as key areas they’d like to see development effort focused toward.

They are rated from (*) to (****) to indicate estimated development time required to complete each item.

In order to get an idea of which schools have shared priorities please read through the list of items on this page, select the three you’d like to see addressed first (in order of preference) and then submit the form below.

At the end of this term we’ll send out a communication detailing how your feedback has been taken on board to influence the Civica iWise roadmap going forward.

Don’t worry if you can’t select everything you’d like to see, this doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen in the future, we’re just interested to see what your priorities are.

Development Time Required – Large


NAPLAN / Ability tracking and student goals Allow the school to compare how students perform compared to external tests like NAPLAN/allwell. Produce regression analysis of markbook tasks, alerts for high/ low achievers. Store data measures useful for performing analytic insights into student growth.
This also includes storing different ‘authors’ – students, parents, external for example – so a student can set their goals, and a parent their expectations. This would be collected via igloo.
Forms – pre-populated with data and written back into iWise Provide schools with a way of indicating what data should be pre-populated in forms and update the base underlying tables.
Forms approvals/ workflow – example – online enrolment, pay for application Forms are a flexible way of capturing data, but need some additional functionality to deliver suitable online enrolments. This includes: form approvals, payments associated with forms, new question types such as grids, question validation – such as correctly formed email address
Improve academic functionality (****) The academic area of iWise was the first to be developed, and there are many new features, speed improvements and simplifications that can be achieved some 15 years after this module was first written. One example would be the ability to see the history of all a student’s appropriate results for the subject you are currently writing a report on, or the ability to have different dropdown.

Development Time Required – Moderate


Notes on students – improve security – based on roles and relationships – like pastoral area The pastoral area of iWise allows for security to be based on the relationship of the viewer to the student, however, the notes section has much less security control. Change the notes section to have a similar security model to the pastoral area.
Allow ad hoc reporting Allow schools to write their own quick reports.
Resource booking – recurring events, booking for weekends Allow staff to make a resource booking a recurring booking – similar to events
iWise/Finance integration – store in iWise auto update maze/ CE finance This work involves automating the integration between iWise debtor management and Maze / CE Finance – as appropriate for each financial system.
Calendar – show availability when making appointments/ new events Have iWise suggest possible times for meetings.
Teacher accreditation – record, track, attach files etc – full register of PD for proficient teacher accreditation etc Staff now need to track PD and lesson information to qualify and manage proficient teacher status. All Student admin systems, including iWise, should allow for this process to be managed via the software
Event approvals – including permission notes from parents (and online payment?) Improve the approval mechanism of event attendances – allow parents to decline the permission, not just approve. Also allow parents to pay for the event via igloo.
Markbook – rubric style task wizard Some schools have common criteria for assessment tasks – and want to be able to see a student’s total for each common criteria over the whole year. By having a rubric style wizard, schools can set up multiple tasks to represent the common criteria for an assessment task, and can then combine the common criteria to another task to get the total for that criteria as well.
Person searcher In various screens, a ‘person searcher’ would speed things up – for example, giving pastoral records, creating new members of a group, allocating students to classes, sending out an email etc. Using the adding of event attendees as a base, this sort of searcher across various areas of iWise will be more flexible.

Development Time Required – Small


Popup to show summary of daily events – dashboard widget Have a quick way of showing staff a list of events that are currently happening. This would be one available widget for the new dashboard screen
Delete 1 event in a series Currently you can delete all events in a series, all events from a given event, but you cannot delete a single instance of an event. The current work around for this is cumbersome.
Do full timetable within iWise Link iWise into new CE Timetabling solution once available
Markbook – regression line comparison of 2 tasks Compare how student performed in one task based on their performance in an earlier task – where the earlier task shows the base line ability of the students.
Ability to create new security groups Create ad hoc security groups so the school can control who can see various menu screens and reports
Simpler screen to enter comments on the whole task in markbook Create a screen that shows a grid of all tasks and allows for quick management of common task details such as comment, publishing information, task names, dates etc.