We value your feedback – Civica igloo Development

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Civica igloo Online Development focus group.

Below this feedback form is a list of what the participants of our breakout session indicated as key areas they’d like to see development effort focused toward.

They are rated from (*) to (****) to indicate estimated development time required to complete each item.

In order to get an idea of which schools have shared priorities please read through the list of items on this page, select the three you’d like to see addressed first (in order of preference) and then submit the form below.

At the end of this term we’ll send out a communication detailing how your feedback has been taken on board to influence the Civica igloo roadmap going forward.

Don’t worry if you can’t select everything you’d like to see, this doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen in the future, we’re just interested to see what your priorities are.

Civica igloo Development Feedback

Development Time Required – Extra Large


Mobile Device friendly Allow igloo to render appropriately on a smartphone and tablet device.
Adding items to igloo calendar Allow users to add their own events to their igloo calendar – for example – entering their homework tasks to be completed. Creating a ‘to do’ list for the users in igloo will also be part of this option as that can be used by the students to also record their tasks.

Development Time Required – Large


Push notifications Push notifications of changes and new information on igloo to users via email, and once igloo is mobile / tablet enabled, push notifications to the user’s device.
Paying for events Extend the event list widget to allow attendees to pay for the event online. This does not include people buying tickets/ seat allocations for events.
Improve address changing – so admin staff don’t need to rekey data, just approve/modify Change the address change detail process to allow the school to approve the requested change, rather than having to rekey the change that is sent via email.

Development Time Required – Medium


Analytics of usage of pages/blocks Provide google analytics on page/block usage
Online inquiry / online application forms, reenrollment form Use iWise forms to capture online enrolments enquiries, applications and reenrolment information. Note, this can already be completed as a project – including pre-populating the form from existing data. Additional work will be required for things like making a payment on completion of the form. For more information on forms in igloo, please contact Civica Support Projects: supportprojects@civica.com.au
Permission notes for events Allow event attendees to be granted permission to attend events via a event list widget in igloo. Note – event permission can already be granted from the event widget via the printable event form in igloo.
Publishing a single note to multiple pages – like news items Save time by having one note block published to multiple group pages.
Integrate with QAS if needed Integrate with QAS so the user can start typing their address, and the system will identify and select a correct address from a dropdown list. This will require the  school to own a license for QAS.

Development Time Required – Small


Adding iCal feed to igloo so students can subscribe to calendar Add an iCal feed to the calendar of igloo to allow users to subscribe to the ical feed from their favourite calendaring application. This will leverage existing iWise iCal methods.