Maze Managed Service

All software products need regular maintenance to make sure that they remain up to date and working smoothly to deliver the service you need them to. You also need them to be being used in the best way to get the most from your investment and you need staff trained to be able to use them. You might also be wondering what improvements can be made to make Maze work better for you and want the assurance that your Maze system is running at optimum efficiency.

At Civica Education we know that everyone’s network is unique and to help we offer the flexible Civica Maze Management Services options.

What is it?
Starting from under $1500 per annum the Civica Management Services are tailored to offer different levels of service, and suitable for a small establishment who need help maintaining the system to enterprise level networks maintaining complex Maze solutions where Maze is extensively customised.

Watch the video below to hear one school’s experience of the Maze Remote Managed Service.

Service Standard Enhanced Platinum
Maze and eMaze Application Layer Maintenance
Maze End of Year Rollover Backups
SQL Assurance
Maze and eMaze System Upgrades
eMaze Administration Management Option Option Option
VIP Support
Maze Application Library Subscription
Service Credits Option Option 160 Credits
Classroom Training Discount 10% 20%
Additional Maze Module Licence Discount 20%
CE Assist (Onsite Maze Manager) Option Option Option

Selecting the Service that’s right for you
Each service band offers you a different level of service from our support and project consultant teams allowing you to choose which is best suited to your environment. Below we’ve broken down each of the services in more detail so you’ll know what to expect if you select that option.

Maze and eMaze Application Layer Maintenance
We’ll contact you monthly to organise a convenient time to log onto your server remotely and install the latest application layer updates available; this will normally be within 4 weeks of them being issued. The service covers updates applicable to the site at the time of release and during the service.

We’ll also ensure that before any work is undertaken a full backup of the database, schema and formats has been taken and that necessary pre-requisites have been met before installing and if required the update will be customized to suit your school database.

System layer updates to maze are infrequent and have to be applied to individual workstations using the product. Under the service we’ll install and test these updates on one machine and provide advice to your IT team on how to install these if required.

End of Year Rollover Backups
We’ll dial in and backup your Maze student financial and payroll databases prior to the appropriate end of financial year. We’ll create a copy of the live support folder to accompany the database and change the identifier we’ll then restore the databases so that they can be accessed by the users for historic purposes. The database will be secured and we’ll provide documentation on the location of the database support folder, date of the database backup, version of Civica Maze and how the users can add the database to their list in order to log in if needed.

If required we can also offer a range of services to assist with the process of rollovers to make them go smoothly for you every year.

SQL Assurance
If you’re running SQL Server 2005 or above then SQL Assurance will deliver a regular, termly, check of your SQL Server database. We’ll run a full check of your SQL database, assess any errors, fix any minor issues and alert your main IT contact to any potential problems before they may result in more serious issues for you and your data. If you are using SQLExpress we’ll complete an annual assessment of the health of your Maze database similar to the above.

Maze and eMaze System Upgrades
If you select this option we’ll arrange for an experienced Maze consultant to complete any incremental application updates for you as they are released, such as upgrading from the forthcoming version 9.4 to 9.5 or eMaze 2 – 2.1.

We’ll also prepare the system package to install point and assist your local IT team, where we can, with the deployment of the system software to desktops.

VIP Support
For when things go wrong we offer the option of VIP support. This guarantees you a technical response to any issue logged within 30 minutes of contacting us.
We aim for resolution within the day and will call upon assistance from our consultant or development group if required.
We’ll provide you with a termly report of our performance.

Maze Application Library Subscription
We’ve been building a library of common improvements that we’ve developed to enhance Maze in areas, this library of improvements can be accessed by customers who have purchased a platinum level service with up to 4 MALS available each year through the service. The library of current improvements can be found here

Service Credits
Maze is an incredibly flexible product and our project team can help you get the most from your investment. Our projects team provide a broad range of remote and onsite services to customers such as:

  • Bespoke customisation of screens and reports in Maze and eMaze
  • Onsite training
  • Database review
  • Installations or Migrations
  • Setup of new databases
  • Installation of new purchased modules
  • Reconciliation of databases

By purchasing either the Gold or Platinum service options you also receive an allocated number of project credits from this team to use as you require. Each credit is equivalent to 30 minutes of time from our project consultant team.

At Gold level you’ll receive 80 credits (5 days) and at Platinum level you’ll get 160 credits (10 days). These are discounted on the standard projects day rate that we provide and there is the opportunity to add more credits to your contract through the year at a similarly preferential rate.

When you want to discuss some changes or perhaps a visit by the team you can contact the consultant team who’ll provide you with a quote for the work in project credits so that you always know how many credits you are using.

For onsite requests team will discuss with you any additional travel charges and how these can be covered. If you find that you haven’t used your credits in one year these can be carried over into next year.

Classroom Training Discount
Throughout the year we run a program of Maze training courses on a variety of topics from our training centre in East Perth or in our new centre in Sydney. By taking up the managed service at Silver or above you will receive a preferred rate on the course fee for your attendees.

More information on our training program can be found here.

Where applicable lunch, morning and afternoon tea are included in the cost of the course along with training notes and completion certificates.

CE Assist
Going beyond remote maintenance assistance we can offer a full onsite management service for CE Maze and SQL Server. During their time onsite your onsite manager will handle all service requests, carry out essential training, undertake 1st level customisations. We can offer this service from 1 day a month to 5 days a week. Please reach out to your sales manager for more information on this service.

Making sure you’re prepared
Before we can deliver the service we’ll need to review your Civica Maze install to verify it’s status and identify any remedial work required to bring you up to the level of updates appropriate to your network. If you are interested we’ll give your current Civica Maze System a health check and give you details and a quote for any remedial work we’ll need to do before starting the service.

To find out more please email or call us.