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Q. What is MAL016?
A. MAL016 – Active Directory Automation allows Maze to add, disable and delete Student, Staff or Parent Users within the schools Active Directory.

Q. Why would I want to do that?
A. If a school is using a Student Portal, allows parents to access school data via a Portal; or has an internal network that Staff have access too – it is necessary for the IT team to create a new User in the Active Directory for each Student, Parent or Staff member that wishes to gain access. It is also necessary for the IT team to remove these accounts when the Student, Staff Member or Parent is no longer associated with the school.

This process is unstructured, and relies upon the IT team receiving the correct information. MAL016 takes this cumbersome process, and automatically creates, disables or deletes a Student, Staff or Parent account in Active Directory when an entry is appropriately recorded in Maze.

Q. What if I delete an account from Maze?
A. With MAL016, when a Student or Staff Member leaves the school; or a Parent is archived; their record is deleted from Active Directory, meaning they no longer have any further access to a schools network or resources.

Q. Can I control which accounts get created in the Active Directory?
A. By default, MAL016 will create accounts for Students, Staff and Family Members. However, MAL016 does allow a site to determine whether accounts are created for Students, Staff or Family Members as whole, by changing a simple check-box option. It can also allow oversight of individual account creation. i.e. Until someone onsite authorises an account via a Maze screen, it will not be created at the Active Directory level.

Q. If I make changes to names in Maze, is this reflected in Active Directory?
A. No. Once the account is created in Active Directory, the Active Directory becomes the ‘source of truth’ for AD User Accounts. This allows the IT team to take on maintenance of AD accounts, whilst the account is active. Changes to AD Usernames will be reflected in Maze, however.

Q. Can I control how the Active Directory Usernames are created?
A. By default, MAL016 provides two preset options for username account creation. However, it does support the use of custom rules for account creation; should a school wish to use something other than the provided preset rules.

Q. How are people notified of their Active Directory accounts?
A. MAL016 will forward a daily email to a School nominated email address including a list of all accounts created in the Active Directory. These account details can then be forwarded to the appropriate parties.

Q. Do I need to buy any new technology or install any programs to support MAL016?
A. No. MAL016 uses tools that come automatically with the installation of the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or greater. No further installation of software is required.

MAL016 – Register your interest