eMaze Management

Manage the implementation of eMaze in your school.

Our education consultants can help you plan a successful strategy for implementing eMaze across the school. Each school has a different starting point and objectives for using eMaze and our consultants are committed to providing tailored support to assist you in your journey.

There are educational and professional development considerations when implementing new ICT solutions and this on-site consultancy session will help you understand what you want to achieve and plan for a smooth transition.

What is included in the consultancy day?

The approach will vary depending on the modules that staff will be accessing via eMaze.

A consultancy session might include the following elements:

  • A one day visit from an experienced educational consultant.
  • An understanding of how the school is planning to use eMaze.
  • A detailed discussion of options and suggested best practice guidelines for the various modules that you use.
  • A review of your existing Maze systems and how they are used by both support and teaching staff.
  • A workshop with senior staff to share practical strategies for successful implementation.
  • An action plan for successful implementation of eMaze, to include:
  • Form a project team with senior staff involvement and support.
  • Decide on policy decisions.
  • Identify when and how staff will be trained and plan a timeline for rollout, with objectives.
  • Ensure a process for technical support of eMaze.
  • Build in time to review the implementation/training plan.

How will the consultancy day benefit my school?

After a one-day consultancy session for eMaze, you will have:

  • An understanding of successful implementation strategies and how they can be applied to your rollout of eMaze.
  • Recommendations of appropriate resources and support mechanisms, including formal and informal PD opportunities.
  • An understanding of how to embed the use of eMaze and create a climate of sustainable change.
  • Recommendations for processes to monitor and review progress towards targets and objectives.
  • A full written report and action plan for future reference.