What are FlightDecks?

FlightDecks are similar in design to LaunchPads. Instead of tiles there are Widgets. Widgets can be selected from the Widget Gallery which is found by clicking the ‘+’ icon.

These can be selected and added to the current FlightDeck and dragged into your preferred location.

The FlightDeck is personal to you and will only display information that you are authorised to see. A Widget is not a full application, it provides you with enough information for you to decide whether you want or need to launch the full application.

You have a number of options to customise further. Select the ‘V’ icon associated with each Widget and choose Options.

FlightDecks - Options

You can adjust the number of items to show in the list from 5 to 25.

Another useful features with the Tasks widget is the ability to add tasks to the list.

Click in the ‘Add a task’ box and type your task, then press enter, the task appears in your list.

FlightDecks - Tasks

You can select the task and mark it as complete, however to delete it or add additional information you would need to access it through Outlook.