How do I add or delete a LaunchPad?

Click on the arrow on the left hand edge of the screen to reveal your sidebar – showing your LaunchPads and FlightDecks.


To add a new LaunchPad, click on the ‘+’.


A new blank LaunchPad will be created and given the name LaunchPad ‘N’, where N is the next number in sequence, so LaunchPad 2 or LaunchPad 3, for example.

To rename your new LaunchPad, click on the down arrow next to the ‘+’ sign and select ‘Rename’.



You can use the same menu to delete a LaunchPad, it will check you really want to delete, as once confirmed, the LaunchPad is no longer available.

Alternatively in the sidebar menu, use the ‘x’ next to the LaunchPad you want to delete.


You cannot delete the default LaunchPad, My Favourites, but you can change the tiles and rename it.

Any LaunchPads that have been shared with you can also not be deleted.

If you are the creator of a shared LaunchPad you can delete it in the same way, but it will also be deleted for everyone who shares it.