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Civica Education Suite


We supply enterprise software systems to more than 3,500 schools in Australia and we’ve been talking to state governments, religious education offices and independent schools to understand what next?

We know that these organisations are complicated, and that they manage a plethora of business and learning processes which produce huge amounts of data.

Our customers also told us that there are more people, with more devices, accessing the tools and information in their IT systems every day.

Each organisation we spoke to was aiming to meet these demands, but at the same time wanted to simplify the end user experience, and wanted to present, staff, students and parents with easy access to the tools and information relevant to them.

We realised that it’s time for a rethink of school information management.

The solution is the Civica Education Suite – which is a next generation modular, web based and integrated edusystem.

What does it do?
We have come to the conclusion that education establishments need an enterprise wide system which:

  • Shares data with other systems
  • Provisions accounts with a rich set of identity information
  • Provides a core, single identity for each user with roles & schools* attached to the identity as attributes
  • Use a standards based approach to allow single sign on to other applications
  • Allows teachers to search all knowledge depositaries (i.e. Scootle, their Learning Management System, subscription sites like Mathletics) and report results back in a single place


What is the Civica Education Suite?
Our solution is the Civica Education Suite. A single, yet interchangeable edusystem that features:

All of these components share a core set of identity data from a Central Data Store and the Central Person Store to allow for cross application data sharing, single sign on and identity management.

Please contact us now to find out how the Civica Education Suite can support your schools productivity and success. Contact us for more information.

System Requirements

* In a multi school deployment